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How to Choose an Affordable High-Quality Camping Swag

Sleeping in a first-rate camping swag can substantially boost your experience exploring the outdoors. You need a transportable shelter that fits in the back of your 4WD while going on an expedition to a far-flung area. You can certainly find the right swag at the right price if you know what to look out for as explained below.

Purchase From a Swag-Maker

You need not pay a heavy price to get the best and most comfortable camping swag. Many outdoor adventurers land the best offers because they buy directly from the maker of their camping gear. When middlemen are side-stepped, the price gets lower, but the quality remains high. Fortunately, specific swag makers have their own websites that sell products directly to camping adventurers.


Be sure the swag is spacious enough for comfortable sleep at night. Common sizes are single swags and double swags (can accommodate two people). For instance, the spaciousness of a 215cm by 90cm by 80cm swag guarantees you a sound rest at night.

Long Lasting?

The durability of a camping swag depends on the material it’s made of. The sturdy fabric in most tear-resistant swags is established from a mix of cotton and polyester. With this design, your swag provides adequate breathability rates, and its exposure to rotting is minimized. Additionally, check that the floor of your swag is designed and developed with material that’s waterproof while guaranteed utmost relaxation.

Extra Features

You’re not just looking for somewhere to lay your head at night while camping–you want a swag that’s useful in several ways. A good case in point is a swag with two access openings–the normal rain cover at the top and a second swag head entrance, all of which simplifies entrance and exit in different situations. The best product should be sufficiently ventilated without exposing you to insect bites.

Sleep Comfort

The mattress you sleep on will certainly impact the quality of your sleep at night. You do not need a camping swag that may hurt your back while sleeping, keeping you restless overnight as you look for the best lying position. Thus, buy swag that sports a sufficiently dense mattress. The thicker the mattress, the more the comfort, and anything between 35mm and 70mm may do based on budget and quality requirements. Usually, a high-density swag mattress that’s 50mm thick does the trick regardless of the nature of the terrain. It’s also desirable that such a mattress has a poly-cotton cover that you can easily remove and clean.

Ascertain that your preferred camping swag is developed for pleasurable sleep. Your pick doesn’t have to be expensive to be durable, spacious, waterproof, resistant to bugs, and rot-proof.

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